Vroom Central Vacuum Accessory

Whether you have a central vacuum or a standalone vacuum system for your garage, Vroom will efficiently clean up any mess in your house. There's Vroom for every room! Call us today to order your Vroom

Cyclovac's Datasync Technology

Cyclovac's innovative ways are will make your central vacuum experience better! One of these features include Datasync Technology right on the central vacuum handle.

"Cyclo Vac introduces its latest technology: the DataSync. Unique and exclusive, the Synchronized Data Monitors allow the selection of four power levels, signal when to change the bag or empty the canister, and indicate when maintenance is recommended.

All this information is available on the LCD monitor at the front of the central vacuum unit and directly on the hose handle, right at your fingertips!"


Click the link below to watch a video featured on our homepage that explains this datasync technology in greater depth!

CenTec Response II CT23 Powerhead for High Density, Soft Carpet

The Repsonse II CT23 is the best tool to use to clean your high density soft carpets. It will adjust to surfaces and give your floor the deep cleaning they need! Adjusting the height also makes it easier to push. Call today! 801-302-1124

CenTec Response CT10 Powerhead for Hard Wood Floors

The CT10 moves freely and easily over both hard floors such as hard wood or tile, as well as carpet and area rugs making it such a versatile and effective tool for any home! It cleans all kinds of surfaces, call today!

Call today!!! (801) 302-1124

Let Cyclo Vac Make Your Life Easier!

Cyclo Vac, it’s...

The high performance and reliability
Of central vacuums that are entirely made in North America and renowned worldwide for their durability, and exceptional performance.

The experience
Of over 50 years, from the largest central vacuum manufacturer in North America.
The ease and speed Of use of a hose that follows you everywhere and unique and handy attachments that will simplify your everyday life.
The proximity Of a Cyclo Vac Expert who will be able to cater to all your needs and provide the assistance you deserve and expect, wherever you are.
Retractable Hose The retractable hose automatically retracts inside the walls. No more hose to carry around!
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Home Show Special

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